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    Mike Lucey helped me reorganize my investments for retirement and was a real pleasure to work with.

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    I have been a customer of the Lucey Wealth Advisors for more than 5 years. I have found Mike Lucey and all of his associates... read more

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    I wish to highly commend Michael Lucey and his very able business partners on their advice and management of my wife and my retirement portfolio... read more

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    I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the service. Mike, Jeff and his team are very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. I have been... read more

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    My experience working with Lucey Wealth Advisors was superb. Mike and his team are exceptionally thorough, trustworthy and highly-professional. Looking forward to a long-term (and... read more

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    You cannot go wrong with this group, extremely unique planning, best I've seen thus far!

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    Mike Lucey and his team are wonderful to work with. I highly recommend them. They pay attention to detail and are great about keeping you... read more

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    I used Lucey Wealth Advisors and they are very professional, extremely responsive and trustworthy. Mike Lucey assist me when I was having difficulty searching... read more

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A Message From Michael Lucey

About Us

About Us

Michael Lucey | President/Owner

Michael Lucey has been in the Financial Planning industry since
1989. Throughout this time he has provided valuable service to individuals
and families with core values reflecting a conservative and secure discipline
concerning their financial plans.

Michael has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business
Administration from San Francisco State University and earned two
professional insurance designations in Estate Planning. Michael provides a
sound foundation when working with clients to implement strategic
financial strategies concerning his clients’ accumulation, protection,
distribution and transfer of wealth goals. Michael has always been in a
position to be of service to others, either as a trainer and coach, or as a
Financial Advisor.

Through his planning strategies, his clients have experienced
reduced exposure to stock volatility, income tax savings, and maximum
lifelong income commensurate to their needs and goals.
His current practice concentrates in offering information and
knowledge as well as investment planning tools needed to make informed
decisions regarding the implementation of a secure reliant financial plan.

Michael was raised and educated in Northern California. He is the father of
​three children and married to his wife Lori over 30 years.

Kevin Lucey| Vice President/Owner

Kevin Lucey entered the insurance industry in 2018 joining his family business that is headed by 30-year insurance veteran Michael Lucey. The agency has a long tradition of serving clients in the Bay Area and providing valuable services with core values that reflect a conservative discipline to assure clients are well protected.

​Kevin graduated from California Polytech University San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture Business. Kevin is a California Insurance Licensed Agent specializing in Healthcare and Medicare insurance. Kevin partners with a team of professionals in the agency to assure all aspects of his client’s financial and insurance needs are covered. Kevin was raised in Sonoma County and graduated from Cardinal Newman Highschool. Kevin enjoys sports and had a successful football career earning First Team All-League honors with over 1,000 yards receiving.  

picture of kevin lucey
picture of jeff pfeiffer

Jeff Pfeiffer| Senior Vice President of Operations

Jeff Pfeiffer has been in the Financial Services industry in multiple capacities since 1979. Throughout this time, he has provided valuable services to individuals, families and businesses with a focus on comprehensive total needs-based planning to assist in achieving their unique goals. As a foundation for his needs-based planning approach, Jeff incorporates strategies to maintain adequate risk acceptance, while preserving capital and yields that align with his clients’ portfolio.

He practices 360 degree communication with all parties involved to ensure that he is obtaining customer satisfaction while also maintaining process integrity  within the highly regulated industries of Life Insurance and Financial Planning.  Jeff’s use of financial protection vehicles ensures that his clients and their families remain safe and secure throughout their lifetimes.

​Jeff’s drive for success in retirement planning parallels his passion outside of work as a triathlete.  Jeff serves as a coach and trainer, and has completed the rigorous events over 120 times including the famed Ironman Triathlon course on the Big Island of Hawaii. A lifelong resident of the Bay Area, Jeff was born and raised in the South Bay.  He is the father of two children and currently resides in Windsor, CA with Karen, his wife of thirty years.

Our Services

What We Do For Clients

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Asset Protection

​Retirement doesn’t mean that it’s time to stop growing.  Same holds true for your money.  It should mean, however, that it’s time to stop taking unnecessary risk. 
We specialize in helping retirees protect their retirement assets while continuing to move forward.

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Family Legacy Planning

​Retirement doesn’t mean that it’s time to stop growing.  Same holds true for your money.  It should mean, however, that it’s time to stop taking unnecessary risk. 
We specialize in helping retirees protect their retirement assets while continuing to move forward.

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Extended Care Solutions

Long-term care/extended care costs have gone up substantially in the last 10 years.  Unfortunately, the statistics are not in our favor, a plan to address these costs should be included in every retirement strategy.
The good news is we work with hybrid insurance plans that leverage your dollar in case you need it for extended care, but remain 100% accessible for withdrawal if you don’t.    

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Retirement Income

Creating an income plan to last throughout retirement is perhaps the single most important challenge retirees will face.  It’s very likely to spend 30 years or more living in retirement without earned income.
We create a customized retirement income plan, encompassing all sources of income, for each one of our clients and no two plans are exactly alike.  Let us get to work on a plan for you.

How Will Tax Changes in 2021 Affect You?

By: Michael Lucey

As a result of possible Estate Tax changes, we have been working with many clients reviewing their current estate plans and working on what steps should be taken to reduce or eliminate their exposure to the New Estate Tax. Thought I would share a little about what has been going on regarding Estate Tax changes in the U.S…
Due to the multiple financial assistance plans that have been rolled out since the start of the pandemic, it has left our government in trillions of dollars of debt. Many ideas involved in helping take us out of this deficit include raising taxes. One Tax in serious consideration is the estate tax, also known as the death tax.
Currently, each person can give away during lifetime, or distribute at death, an amount of $11.7 million without being subject to federal Estate Tax. That high exemption amount may soon change. Due to the sunset of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the exemption amount will drop to $5 million per person in 2026.
Not only will the high exemption limit be changed, but our government aims at increasing the Estate Tax rate as well. The tax rate increased to 40% in 2013 and has remained at 40% ever since. Under new reform, the estate tax rate may potentially increase to a soaring 55%.
Please let us know if we can help mitigate taxes for you and your family! 

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