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Maximum Retirement Services in San Francisco County and San Mateo County, CA

Are you interested in maximizing your retirement funds by minimizing your taxes? The team at Lucey Wealth Advisors is here to help. Recently we began working with another company by the name of Kai-Zen. Kai-Zen specializes in various strategies that can help our clients increase their retirement funds by double or even triple their original amount. If you want to join the multiple clients who have increased their funds, please watch the video below to get started!

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We have been working closely with a company called Kai-Zen who specializes in a unique tax advantage retirement strategy. Kai-Zen has helped many of our client’s double or even triple their retirement savings tax-free.

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A Message From Michael Lucey

About Us

About Lucey Wealth Advisors: Meet the Team

Michael Lucey | President/Owner

Since 1989 Michael Lucey has been working with individuals and families helping them develop strong financial planning. Michael has taught his clients the core values it takes to achieve financial stability and success in the industry.

Educated at San Francisco University, Michael has earned degrees in Business Administration as well as professional insurance designations in Estate Planning. When his clients want to protect their assets or build a strong financial foundation, Michael works with them to develop multiple strategies that have proved to be highly successful. When one of his clients wants to work on accumulating assets, transfer wealth, or protect what they already have, Micheal is there to provide key insights to help them meet their goals. As a financial advisor and coach, Micheal prides himself on being of service to anyone looking to grow and protect their assets.

Many of Michael’s clients have built a strong financial foundation over the years. By gaining experience in reduced exposure to stock volatility, income tax savings, and the highest lifelong incomes, his clients regularly meet their financial goals. By offering strategies, information, and planning tools, Michael has succeeded in implementing secure financial plans for his list of clientele.

While not in the office working on financial strategies for others, Michael is a proud family man. He and Lori, his wife of over 30 years, reside in Northern California with their three sons

Kevin Lucey| Vice President/Owner

In 2018, Kevin Lucey joined his family’s business as Vice President. Kevin is proud to be part of a company that helps people in the San Francisco County, CA area achieve their financial goals. His service to the clients of the company include providing core values that will help them discipline themselves to achieve financial protection.

A graduate of California Polytech University, Kevin obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Agriculture Business. His education has helped Kevin learn how to provide financial advisory services on various levels, including medicare supplement plans. Kevin’s professional goals include making sure that all of his clients get their insurance and financial needs covered. When not working with clients, Kevin enjoys playing football. In fact, he has also had a professional career in which he earned First Team All-League honors.

picture of kevin lucey
picture of jeff pfeiffer

Jeff Pfeiffer| Senior Vice President of Operations

Since 1979, Jeff Pfeiffer has been providing financial services to the clientele in San Mateo County, CA. Jeff’s focus has been on providing clients with total needs-planning service. This has become helpful when clients have unique financial goals. In order to do this, Jeff utilizes various strategies that aid his clients in maintaining their financial foundation. He does this by helping them preserve capital and maintaining adequate risk acceptance.

Jeff believes that full communication is key when working with clients. This enables him to perform his role as a financial advisor with integrity and transparency. The industries of financial planning and life insurance are highly regulated, therefore Jeff uses multiple financial protection methods when working with clients. This allows his clients’ assets and families to remain in safe and secure financial positions.

Jeff is also a triathlete in addition to a successful financial and retirement planner. Outside of the financial advisor and medicare supplement plans in San Francisco County, CA, Jeff is also a coach and trainer. He has completed many rigorous events over 120 times in the renowned Ironman Triathlon course on the Big Island of Hawaii. Jeff has been living in the San Mateo County, CA area for his whole life and currently resides there with his wife Karen and two sons.

Our Services

What We Do For Clients

Here at Lucey Wealth Advisors, our team is skilled at diverse levels of financial planning, estate planning, financial advising, and medicare supplement plans. We work with each client on a close level to help them achieve their financial goals for their future stability. No matter if it is planning for retirement, wealth protection, or redistribution of assets, the team at Lucey Wealth Advisors is here to ensure that your financial planning needs are met. Our most popular services and areas of specialty include:

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Asset Protection

​When one retires, it does not mean their assets do not continue to grow. However, it will be time to be more careful with your money and stop taking unnecessary risks. Our team helps retirees protect their financial assets while still growing and enjoying life.

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Family Legacy Planning

What does your family’s wealth mean to you? With our family legacy planning services, you can take estate planning to the next level. Our team can help you and your family learn financial core values and estate planning procedures that will protect and distribute your assets the way you would like.

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Extended Care Solutions

The costs for long term and extended care for the eldery have increased at a dramatic rate over the last decade. When one chooses a retirement package, they should be addressing these costs and developing a strategy on how to pay. We can help develop these plans by offering hybrid insurance plans that will help you leverage your money in the event it will be needed for extended care or medicare supplement plans in San Mateo County, CA.

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Retirement Income

When it comes time to retire, developing a plan to last through your retirement may seem challenging. However, it is quite important and most certainly doable. With our customized retirement income plan, you can rest assured that your income will be evenly and cautiously distributed throughout your retirement.

If you are interested in any of our financial advisor services in San Francisco County, CA, please fill out the contact form below or call us anytime.

How Can We Help You in an Era of Estate Tax Change?

By: Michael Lucey

In recent times, estate tax changes have been made in the United States. During the development of these changes, Lucey Wealth Advisors has been working closely with clients to ensure that their current plans remain intact as much as possible. If you are unfamiliar with the changes being made to estate taxes in the country, please read on.

Many financial assistance plans have been rolled out since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, this has left our government in substantial debt. One of the many proposed solutions to this deficit includes raising taxes. Estate taxes have been in the highest level of consideration for a raise. 

At the time of this writing, any person with an estate plan is allowed to give away up to $11.7 million without being subjected to the new estate tax. However, the amount may be changed. By 2026, the amount could potentially change to $5 million per person.

The rate of the estate tax could be significantly changed as well. In 2013, the tax rate increased to 40% and has remained so ever since. Under the new reform, the new tax rate could rise as high as 55%. This could be alarming to many people with estate plans. 

The good news is that Lucey Wealth Advisors are here to help keep your assets safe. If you would like to know more about how we can help protect the estates of you or your family, please contact us via the form below!

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