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Why You Should Get a Financial Planner in Greenbrae, CA

In Greenbrae, CA, mismanaging money can be devastating. One mistake can create a chain reaction, resulting in further sunk costs.

Finance management is an important skill to have, one that needs constant practice and research to keep it sharp. The market is ever-changing, but a shrewd, professional eye is able to see patterns and recognize risks.

Hiring a financial planner is one of the best things you can do for your financial situation.

A financial advisor in Greenbrae, CA reduces your exposure to stock volatility

For those who invest in stocks or pay attention to cryptocurrencies, you know that the market is more volatile than ever.

2021 has been highly chaotic. It’s been affected by bipartisan politics, the pandemic, and numerous market crashes.

Financial planners are professionals at helping you diversify your portfolio.

Putting all your eggs in one bucket is like trying to win a very expensive lottery. Financial planners can help you reduce the amount of risks you take while maximizing rewards, depending on whether you want short- or long-term impact.

Financial strategies help predict and avoid unexpected geopolitical events and market downturns. In today’s market, it’s just prudent to hire someone who can assist you based on personalized needs.

A financial advisor can help you secure a solid retirement fund

Lucey Wealth Advisors has a top-tier team of retirement plan specialists for Marin County.

They understand that retirement income can be crucial for quality life. Everyone’s life is unique and everyone has different needs.

Lucey Wealth Advisors plans strategies depending on each individual client.

No matter your origin, age, or current circumstances, we offer assistance to everyone.

Most people in Marin County spend more than 20 years living without active income, so having a good retirement plan means more comfort and less stress.

Financial planners are easily accessible

Depending on what kind

A financial planner in Greenbrae, CA can help you minimize taxes

Are you worried about estate tax, also known as the death tax? Is your tax higher than you think it should be?

Lucey Wealth Advisors can help you and your family navigate through the confusing world of taxes.

Estate taxes have been changing these years in particular due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tax rates are increasing, soaring up to much more than the usual 40%.

We want your family to be protected and feel comfortable.

Family legacy planning is offered at competitive prices in Marin County.

A good financial advisor provides a confidence boost

This is actually a big thing clients notice after receiving counsel from a professional financial advisor.

Advisors are certified with years of experience. They are used to dealing with wealth management of all economic classes and groups.

It’s true you could do research on your own. Google and Investopedia offer plenty of resources. The problem is, a lot of the info isn’t legally correct or even financially sound advice.

Finding help from a legitimate, reputable company like Lucey Wealth Advisors means not having to worry about fraud or scams.

Even just a quick meeting with one of our advisors can help make sure you’re on the right track to success and financial stability.

Money is a stressful topic for many people.

Whether you’re feeling emotional or simply lack knowledge in financial management topics, a professional can offer objective, reasonable advice.

They help manage marriage finances in a reasonable and effective manner

Whether you’re newly married, divorced, or widowed, a financial planner can offer you help with the situation.

It’s important to know what your rights are in a marriage. Perhaps it’s even more important to know what limitations a marriage can bring.

Is a prenup recommended? How might divorce proceedings impact your financial situation? Marriage (and divorce) can be extremely costly.

Speaking with a financial advisor about potential concerns can alleviate your worries and protect your assets.

Of course, it can be as simple and friendly as if you and your spouse want to figure out how to join your assets legally and fairly.

Advisors can teach partners how to share a financial burden together and maneuver through the necessary paperwork.

Great as a one-time advice or long-term investment option

The great thing about hiring a financial planner is that you can do it on your terms!

Are you a businessperson planning on protecting your assets long-term? Do you want to check if you’re investing with a lucrative and safe portfolio? Is this your first time dealing with finances?

You can meet up once. You can touch base once a year. You can keep in recurring contact. Anything goes, just clear your schedule for a meeting with one of our specialists.

Plan and save on college education

The costs of tuition, especially in Greenbrae, CA, can be very stressful.

It’s recommended to get help from a financial planner at least once to talk about your kid’s future education.

Tuition can really creep up on a family. What might be enough for college today can change in ten years from now, accounting for inflation.

How to best save up money for college, to make sure your children get a good education?

Ask an advisor, as these things can change drastically based on your financial situation.

Are there disadvantages to hiring a financial planner?

Financial planner in Greenbrae, CA

Not disadvantages per se, but in some cases getting an advisor can hurt.

Lucey Wealth Advisors is fully licensed and keeps away from unreputable practices.

But if you choose to not hire an advisor from us, we do still recommend you keep an eye out for certain red flags that could really put you in the red:

Only you can gauge whether you need financial management assistance. Be aware of the benefits a planner can give you.

In the long run, advisors make you an average of at least 15% more money than you would if you didn’t have professional help.

If you want to save and make money, or have any questions—contact Lucey Wealth Advisors at 888-828-3394.

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